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Sectional Garage Doors...

Sectional garage doors are becoming increasingly popular, especially in double door sizes.

Sectional doors are made up of 4 or more sections which rise vertically then hinge at the top of the opening and slide horizontally into the garage. Innovative and exceptionally easy to use, Sectional garage doors have hinged panels which slot neatly  under your garage roof.

Sectional garage doors are made to measure from a range of designs and colour schemes, from distinctive copper to colour-finished toughened steel. So it’s easy to match the look of your door to the style of your home.

Our door panels are made from galvanised steel, 40mm thick and fully insulated with CFC-free foam.

They include two-point locking and double rollers up each side, giving them more points of contact in the frame to keep your garage extra secure.

Our doors are operated with a range of controls to suit you, including an inside push-button control, an outside number pad, a remote control and a key. The remote control activates at the touch of a button, allowing you to get in and out of your garage wthout needing to get out of the car. 

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